Canon DSLR IR conversion Service

Canon DSLR IR conversion Service
Canon DSLR IR conversion Service Canon DSLR IR conversion Service
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 This is a conversion service for your Canon DSLR.

If you have a Canon DSLR and would like to have it converted to take IR pictures send it in to us and we will replace the internal hot pass filter or hot mirror.

The internal filter is present from the factory and blocks IR light but allows visible light through to the sensor. This filter is replaced with a custom cut IR filter that blocks visible light and allows IR light through.

Since the mirror is directly in front of the sensor it has no effect on the viewfinder so you can compose the picture as normal.

Autofocus is adjusted to be correct for a Canon 50mm 1.8 mkII lens but may be slightly off for other lenses or at various zoom ranges if using a zoom lens.

There is no need for any additional filter in front of the lens and shutter speeds on a daylight scene will be in 1/100ths or 1/1000ths of a second instead of 20-40 seconds with an external IR filter.

Please not we will do our best to eliminate any dust as well as clean the sensor, however dust is a fact of life in photography and can be cloned out later or minimised by using a smaller aperture/larger F stop  (f-5.6-f8).
Also the sensor cleaning mechanism is part of the hot pass filter and will also be removed causing loss of this function for those cameras that contain a built in sensor cleaning mechanism.

Please select the filter you would like from the list above

Please download and print off the PDF form. The first page is to be filled out and included along with the camera, the second page has the address to send it to.

Conversion time is 5-7 days

Below are a afew pictures taken with IR converted cameras.


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